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In enzymology, a phosphatidylinositol-3-phosphatase (EC is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction

1-phosphatidyl-1D-myo-inositol 3-phosphate + H2O 1-phosphatidyl-1D-myo-inositol + phosphate

Thus, the two substrates of this enzyme are 1-phosphatidyl-1D-myo-inositol 3-phosphate and H2O, whereas its two products are 1-phosphatidyl-1D-myo-inositol and phosphate.

This enzyme belongs to the family of hydrolases, specifically those acting on phosphoric monoester bonds. The systematic name of this enzyme class is 1-phosphatidyl-1D-myo-inositol-3-phosphate 3-phosphohydrolase. Other names in common use include inositol-1,3-bisphosphate 3-phosphatase, inositol 1,3-bisphosphate phosphatase, inositol-polyphosphate 3-phosphatase, D-myo-inositol-1,3-bisphosphate 3-phosphohydrolase, and phosphatidyl-3-phosphate 3-phosphohydrolase. This enzyme participates in inositol phosphate metabolism and phosphatidylinositol signaling system.

Structural studies

As of late 2007, two structures have been solved for this class of enzymes, with PDB accession codes 1LW3 and 1M7R.


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The CAS registry number for this enzyme class is 124248-47-1.

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