Phi-X174 phage

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Template:Taxobox group ii entryTemplate:Taxobox familia entryTemplate:Taxobox genus entryTemplate:Taxobox species entryTemplate:Taxobox end placementTemplate:Taxobox end The Phi-X174 phage was the first organism to have its DNA-based genome sequenced by Fred Sanger and his team in 1977[1]. In 1962, Walter Fiers had already demonstrated the physical, covalently closed circularity of Bacteriophage PhiX-174 DNA[2]. This phage has a very small amount of DNA. It has 11 genes in 5386 bases (it is single stranded) in a circular topology. Several of them expressing similar function in two groups. The GC content is 44% and 95% of nucleotides are coding genes.

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  1. Sanger F, Air GM, Barrell BG, Brown NL, Coulson AR, Fiddes CA, Hutchison CA, Slocombe PM, Smith M., Nucleotide sequence of bacteriophage phi X174 DNA, Nature. 1977 Feb 24;265(5596):687-95
  2. Fiers, W., and R. L. Sinsheimer, The structure of the DNA of bacteriophage PhiX 174. III. Ultracentrifuge evidence for a ring structure, J. Mol. Biol. 5:424-434, 1962

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