Pheromones in fiction

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Pheromones are a popular device in fiction, including the novel Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. They were also mentioned in an episode of Wolfgang Petersen's television series The Agency. In the Star Trek universe, female Orions are said to have powerful pheromones which men find hard to resist. In the television series Red Dwarf, Dave Lister possesses a Sexual Magnetism serum. It can be safely presumed that this consisted of pheromones. In the film "Snakes on a Plane," the snakes are influenced by the pheromones released in the plane's air system. In the Ultimates comic book series under Marvel's Ultimate line, Hank Pym aka Giant Man uses pheromones from his helmet to communicate with and control ants, and in Uncanny X-Men there was a short lived character named Stacy X who could emit and control sexual pheromones.

In Patrick Suskind's novel Perfume the main character had no scent - or pheromones, and could therefore walk amounst a crowd seemingly unnoticed... He was also a Perfumerer and when he succeded to recreate the scent of a most desirable lady, the result was an orgy in the street.

The existence of a Pheromone Extract was also mentioned in the movie Batman & Robin (1997) in which Uma Thurman's character, Poison Ivy, uses a Pheromone Extract to manipulate men into a false sense of love, including Batman and his sidekick Robin, to get what she wants.

In the television show Torchwood, episode "Day One (Torchwood)", an alaian uses a cloud of pheromones to turn into a walking aphrodisiac. In Ocean's Thirteen Matt Damon's character used pheromones to attract the female head of the casino and gain entrance to the diamond room of the Bank's Casino/Hotel. Also, in the Transformers (2007) movie, Ratchet exclaims that Sam's pheromone levels are elevated, suggesting that he "wants to mate with the female". [1]

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