Peroneal retinacula

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Peroneal retinacula
The mucous sheaths of the tendons around the ankle. Lateral aspect. (Peroneal retinacula not labeled, but region visible at bottom left.)
Latin r. musculorum peroneorum
Gray's subject #130 489

The peroneal retinacula (singular: peroneal retinaculum) are fibrous bands which bind down the tendons of the Peronæi longus and brevis as they run across the lateral side of the ankle.

The fibers of the superior retinaculum (external annular ligament) are attached above to the lateral malleolus and below to the lateral surface of the calcaneus.

The fibers of the inferior retinaculum are continuous in front with those of the cruciate crural ligament; behind they are attached to the lateral surface of the calcaneus; some of the fibers are fixed to the peroneal trochlea, forming a septum between the tendons of the Peronæi longus and brevis.

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