Internal occipital crest

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Bone: Internal occipital crest
Occipital bone. Inner surface. (Internal occipital crest not labeled, but occipital sinus is visible at center.)
Base of the skull. Upper surface. (Internal occipital crest not labeled, but visible below foramen magnum.)
Latin crista occipitalis interna
Gray's subject #31 131
/ Elsevier

In the occipital bone, the lower division of the cruciate eminence is prominent, and is named the internal occipital crest; it bifurcates near the foramen magnum and gives attachment to the falx cerebelli; in the attached margin of this falx is the occipital sinus, which is sometimes duplicated.

In the upper part of the internal occipital crest, a small depression is sometimes distinguishable; it is termed the vermian fossa since it is occupied by part of the vermis of the cerebellum.

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