Ileocolic lymph nodes

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Lymph: Ileocolic lymph nodes
Lymph Nodes of the Large Intestine and Lower Abdomen.
2 = Ileocolic Lymph Nodes
Latin nodi lymphoidei ileocolici
Gray's subject #180 709
Dorlands/Elsevier n_09/12576494

The ileocolic lymph nodes, from ten to twenty in number, form a chain around the ileocolic artery, but show a tendency to subdivision into two groups, one near the duodenum and another on the lower part of the trunk of the artery. Where the vessel divides into its terminal branches the chain is broken up into several groups, viz.:

  • (a) ileal, in relation to the ileal branch of the artery;
  • (b) anterior ileocolic, usually of three glands, in the ileocolic fold, near the wall of the cecum;
  • (c) posterior ileocolic, mostly placed in the angle between the ileum and the colon, but partly lying behind the cecum at its junction with the ascending colon;
  • (d) a single gland, between the layers of the mesenteriole of the vermiform process;
  • (e) right colic, along the medial side of the ascending colon.

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