Germinal epithelium (female)

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Germinal epithelium (female)
Ovaire 1.JPG
Diagram in French. "Epithelium ovarien" labeled at upper right.
Section of the ovary. 1. Germinal epithelium. 2. Central stroma. 3. Peripheral stroma. 4. Bloodvessels. 5. Vesicular follicles in their earliest stage. 6, 7, 8. More advanced follicles. 9. An almost mature follicle. 9’. Follicle from which the ovum has escaped. 10. Corpus luteum.
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The surface of the ovary is covered by a layer of columnar cells which constitutes the germinal epithelium of Waldeyer. (Some sources consider it simple cuboidal.[1]

This epithelium gives to the ovary a dull gray color as compared with the shining smoothness of the peritoneum; and the transition between the squamous epithelium of the peritoneum and the columnar cells which cover the ovary is usually marked by a line around the anterior border of the ovary.


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