Entrance to the mastoid antrum

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Entrance to the mastoid antrum
The medial wall and part of the posterior and anterior walls of the right tympanic cavity, lateral view.
Coronal section of right temporal bone.
Latin aditus ad antrum mastoideum
Gray's subject #230 1042
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The entrance to the antrum is a large irregular aperture, which leads backward from the epitympanic recess into a considerable air space, named the tympanic or mastoid antrum.

The antrum communicates behind and below with the mastoid air cells, which vary considerably in number, size, and form; the antrum and mastoid air cells are lined by mucous membrane, continuous with that lining the tympanic cavity.

On the medial wall of the entrance to the antrum is a rounded eminence, situated above and behind the prominence of the facial canal; it corresponds with the position of the ampullated ends of the superior and lateral semicircular canals.

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