Diaminopimelate epimerase

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In enzymology, a diaminopimelate epimerase (EC is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction

LL-2,6-diaminoheptanedioate meso-diaminoheptanedioate

Hence, this enzyme has one substrate, LL-2,6-diaminoheptanedioate, and one product, meso-diaminoheptanedioate.

This enzyme belongs to the family of isomerases, specifically those racemases and epimerases acting on amino acids and derivatives. The systematic name of this enzyme class is LL-2,6-diaminoheptanedioate 2-epimerase. This enzyme participates in lysine biosynthesis.

Structural studies

As of late 2007, 4 structures have been solved for this class of enzymes, with PDB accession codes 1BWZ, 1GQZ, 2GKE, and 2GKJ.


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  • ANTIA M, HOARE DS, WORK E (1957). "The stereoisomers of alpha epsilon-diaminopimelic acid. III Properties and distribution of diaminopimelic acid racemase, an enzyme causing interconversion of the LL and meso isomers". Biochem. J. 65: 448&ndash, 59. PMID 13412646.

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The CAS registry number for this enzyme class is 9024-22-0.

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