Anterior spinothalamic tract

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Anterior spinothalamic tract
File:Medulla spinalis - tracts - English.svg
Anterior spinothalamic tract is 5b, in blue at right.
Diagram of the principal fasciculi of the spinal cord. (Anterior spinothalamic fasciculus is labeled at bottom left.)
Latin tractus spinothalamicus anterior
Gray's subject #185 760
Dorlands/Elsevier t_15/12817254


The ventral spinothalamic fasciculus (or anterior spinothalamic tract) situated in the marginal part of the funiculus and intermingled more or less with the vestibulo-spinal fasciculus, is derived from cells in the posterior column or intermediate gray matter of the opposite side.

Their axons cross in the anterior commissure.

This is a somewhat doubtful fasciculus and its fibers are supposed to end in the thalamus and to conduct certain of the touch impulses. More specifically, its fibers convey fine touch information to the VPL (ventral posterolateral nucleus) part of the thalamus.

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