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Androstenol is a pig sex pheromone, possessing a musk-like odor. It is found in large quantities in boar saliva, but also in smaller quantities in human sweat glands. It is derived from androgens yet has minimal or no androgenic activity.

Androstenol, or a chemical derivative, is found in truffles, and is offered as an explanation for how pigs locate them deep in the ground.

There are chemically two isomers for androstenol; 3alpha-hydroxy androstenol, and 3beta-hydroxy androstenol. Both isomers are purported to have specific characteristics: the alpha isomer provokes a light, friendly, social environment for both genders, and the beta-isomer is purported to evoke confidence within women.[citation needed] The beta-isomer is virtually odorless, whereas the alpha-isomer has a characteristic sandalwood-like aroma.

Androstenol is analogous to beta-androstadienol (a derivative of androstadienone).