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Adenylate cyclase 5
PBB Protein ADCY5 image.jpg
PDB rendering based on 1azs.
Available structures: 1azs, 1cjk, 1cjt, 1cju, 1cjv, 1cs4, 1cul, 1tl7, 1u0h, 2gvd, 2gvz
Symbol(s) ADCY5;
External IDs OMIM: 600293 MGI99673 Homologene11213
RNA expression pattern

PBB GE ADCY5 gnf1h01583 s at tn.png

PBB GE ADCY5 gnf1h01584 x at tn.png

More reference expression data

Human Mouse
Entrez 111 224129
Ensembl ENSG00000173175 ENSMUSG00000022840
Uniprot O95622 P84309
Refseq NM_183357 (mRNA)
NP_899200 (protein)
XM_916755 (mRNA)
XP_921848 (protein)
Location Chr 3: 124.49 - 124.65 Mb Chr 16: 35.07 - 35.22 Mb
Pubmed search [1] [2]

Adenylate cyclase 5, also known as ADCY5, is a human gene.[1]


Further reading

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