Eye pain pathophysiology

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Eye pain


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Eye pain is caused by the inflammation of layers of eye. It is carried to the brain by different nerves of eye and face. Incresaed intra ocular pressure also causes pain in the eye.


Pain in the eye is due to disturbance of its layer. Surface layers of the eye are very sensitive. Inflammations and infections of these layers cause severe pain. They cause pain with every blink. Surface layers are innervated by nerve endings which act as receptors for pain. With disturbance in these layers the nerve endings get irritated and pain is perceived by the individual. Inner layers can also be inflamed due to many causes like autoimmune conditions or any systemic inflammatory conditions which leads to profuse inflammation and severe pain.

In certain conditions there in increase in IOP(intraocular pressure) which presses over the optic nerve the light sensitive layer of the eye leading to pain. Certain drugs cause increase in pressure and result in eye pain. Inflammatory process inside the eye leads to increase in pressure causing pain.

Pain is mediated by the first branch of Vth nerve i.e. Ophthalmic branch, which carried pain sensation from cornea and uveal tract. Facial nerve carries pain sensation from surrounding structures of eye. Optic nerve is primarily related to compressive insults and inflammation of the nerve.


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