Carbamoyl phosphate

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Template:Chembox new Carbamoyl phosphate is an anion of biochemical significance. It is involved in ridding the body of excess nitrogen in the urea cycle, and also in the synthesis of pyrimidines.

It is produced from bicarbonate, ammonia, and phosphate, the latter derived from ATP. The synthesis is catalysed by the enzyme carbamoyl phosphate synthase, as follows:

  • HCO3- + ATP --> ADP + HO-C(O)-OPO3-2 (carbonyl phosphate)
  • HO-C(O)-OPO3-2 + NH3 + OH- → HPO42- + -O-C(O)NH2 + H2O
  • -O-C(O)NH2 + ATP → ADP + H2NC(O)OPO32-

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