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A micrograph of a hard disk head. The size of the front face (which is the "trailing face" of the slider) is about 0.3 mm × 1.0 mm. The (not visible) bottom face of the slider is about 1.0 mm × 1.25 mm (so-called "nano" size) and faces the hard disk platter.

A micrograph, microphotograph or photomicrograph is a photograph or similar image taken through a microscope or similar device to show a magnified image of an item. Canadian inventor Reginald Aubrey Fessenden is credited with inventing photomicrography.

To produce a micrograph, a camera may be affixed to a microscope either in place of the eyepiece or a specialist microscope may be used which has a camera and eyepiece arrangement. A prepared specimen is put under the microscope in the usual way and photographs taken. Alternatively, the image may be scanned and stored electronically and displayed on a screen and/or printed.

Micrographs are widely used in forensic engineering and forensic science, especially for recording Trace evidence. It is also routinely used in scanning electron microscopy, often combined with energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy so that the area of the sample selected for analysis is directly visible.


Light micrograph

Algal Cells by Roman Vishniac.
Photomicrograph of a thin section of a limestone with ooids. The largest is approximately 1.2 mm in diameter.

A light micrograph is a micrograph prepared using a light microscope, a process referred to as photomicroscopy (a portmanteau term of the words photography and microscopy). At a basic level, photomicroscopy may be performed simply by hooking up a regular camera to a microscope, thereby enabling the user to take photographs at reasonably high magnification.

Photomicroscopists take photographs of many biologic subjects such as cells and proteins and insect eyes. Roman Vishniac was a pioneer in the field of photomicroscopy, specializing in the photography of living creatures in full motion. He also made major developments in light-interruption photography and color photomicroscopy.

Electron micrograph

An electron micrograph is a micrograph prepared using an electron microscope.

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