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File:Stuffed Holiday Roast AuraPro Turkey flavor.jpg
Turkey flavored and stuffed roast, frozen 1.5 lbs

Tofurkey (a portmanteau of tofu and turkey) is faux turkey – a loaf of vegetarian protein, usually made from seitan or tofu. It has become popular as a vegetarian meat alternative served at Thanksgiving and other winter holidays.


File:Field Roast Celebr.jpg
Celebration roast

There are currently several brands of tofurkey on the public market, including Tofurky produced by Turtle Island Foods, Celebration Roast produced by the Field Roast Grain Meat Co., and the Stuffed Holiday Roast made by AuraPro.

Popular Culture

  • In an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond", Marie surprises her family with a tofurkey for Thanksgiving dinner, much to the family's displeasure.
  • On an episode of Food Network's Television show Top 5 on the top five things that taste like chicken, Tofurkey was given second place, with first place going to, of course, chicken.

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