Temporal styloid process

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Bone: Styloid process (temporal)
Left temporal bone. Outer surface. (Styloid process visible at center bottom.)
External and middle ear, opened from the front. Right side. (Label for styloid process is bottom center.)
Latin processus styloideus ossis temporalis
Gray's subject #34 145
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The styloid process is pointed piece of bone that extends down from the human skull, just below the ear.


The styloid process is a slender pointed piece of bone just below the ear. It projects down and forward from the inferior surface of the temporal bone, and serves as an anchor point for several muscles associated with the tongue and larynx.

The stylohyoid ligament extends from the apex of the process to the lesser cornu of the hyoid bone, and in some instances is partially, in others completely, ossified.


The styloid process arises from endochondral ossification of the cartilage from the second branchial arch.

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