Sodium 5' ribonucleotide

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Sodium 5' ribonucleotide (E635) is a food additive, primarily used in flavored noodles, snack foods, chips, crackers, sauces and fast foods. It is produced by combining the sodium salts of guanylic acid (E626) and inosinic acid (E630).

Side effects

Ingenstion of Sodium 5' ribonucleotide has been linked with skin rash (ranging from mild to severe) up to 30 hours after ingestion. It is recommended that no food containing Sodium 5' ribonucleotide should be consumed by gout and asthma sufferers or people with an allergic reaction to aspirin.

Ban in Australia

Due to the side effects of the additive, Sodium 5' ribonucleotide has been banned from use in any food products in Australia.


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