Rete testis

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Rete testis
Schematic drawing of testicle and epididymis. 1 Tunica albuginea, 2 Septula testis, 3 Lobulus testis, 4 Mediastinum testis, 5 Tubuli seminiferi contorti, 6 Tubuli seminiferi recti, 7 Rete testis, 8 Ductuli efferentes testis, 9 Ductus epididymidis, 10 initial part of deferent duct
Illu testis schematic.jpg
1: Testicular septa
2: Convoluted seminiferous tubules
3: Testicular lobules
4: Straight seminiferous tubules
5: Efferent ductules
6: Rete testis
Gray's subject #258 1244
Precursor Wolffian duct
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Rete testis is an anastomosing network of delicate tubules located in the hilum of the testicle (mediastinum testis) that carries sperm from the seminiferous tubules to the vasa efferentia.

Rete tubular ectasia is a disorder of the rete testis in which many benign cysts are present.

In the area of the rete testis, the sperm are concentrated as fluid and is reabsorbed. If this does not occur, the sperm which enter the epididymides are not concentrated, resulting in infertility.


In the development of the urinary and reproductive organs, the testis is developed in much the same way as the ovary, originating from mesothelium as well as mesonephros. Like the ovary, in its earliest stages it consists of a central mass covered by a surface epithelium. In the central mass, a series of cords appear. These cords run together toward the future hilum and form a network which ultimately becomes the rete testis.

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