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'''For patient information, click [[Metrorrhagia (patient information)|here]]'''
{{DiseaseDisorder infobox |
{{DiseaseDisorder infobox |
   Name        = Metrorrhagia |
   Name        = Metrorrhagia |
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{{Editor Help}}
'''Metrorrhagia''' refers to [[vaginal bleeding]] among [[Menopause|premenopausal]] women that is not synchronized with their [[menstrual period]].  
'''Metrorrhagia''' refers to [[vaginal bleeding]] among [[Menopause|premenopausal]] women that is not synchronized with their [[menstrual period]].  
* [[endometriosis]]
* [[endometriosis]]
* [[ectopic pregnancy]]
* [[ectopic pregnancy]]
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* Uterine [[Leiomyoma]]s
* Uterine [[Leiomyoma]]s
==External links==
* [http://www.hmc.psu.edu/healthinfo/m/metrorrhagia.htm PSU]
* [http://www.med.umich.edu/1libr/wha/wha_metrorrh_crs.htm Univ Mich]
* [http://womenshealth.about.com/od/bleedingmidcycle/ About.com]
[[Category:Disease state]]
{{Diseases of the pelvis, genitals and breasts}}
{{Diseases of the pelvis, genitals and breasts}}

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For patient information, click here

ICD-10 N92.1, N92.4
ICD-9 626.6

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Metrorrhagia refers to vaginal bleeding among premenopausal women that is not synchronized with their menstrual period.


Cost Effectiveness of Metrorrhagia

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