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An ionomer is a polyelectrolyte that comprises copolymers containing both electrically neutral repeating units and a fraction of ionized units (usually no more than 15 percent). They link in such a way that, even though they are stiff at room temperature, the bonds may be broken down thermally and the new linkages will cause the material to act as though it were a thermoplastic material. Ionomers have unique physical properties including electrical conductivity (see conducting polymer ).

Some commercial application for ionomers are golf ball covers, semipermeable membranes, dental cements and fuel cells. It also can be an effective golf ball midlayer.

Dupont manufactures the ionomers known as Nafion and Surlyn.

DuPont has recently sold part of their Surlyn line, called Surlyn Reflections to a company called LTL.

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  • Eisenberg, A. and Kim, J.-S., Introduction to Ionomers, New York: Wiley, 1998.

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