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The description page consists of four parts:

  • in the case of an image: the image itself
  • description of the image/sound
  • "Image history"
  • "image links" or "File links"

For an image on Commons, subsequently the following is shown on the local image page:

  • the image
  • the message
  • the local editable content
  • the editable content on Commons, including content transcluded from other pages on Commons; sections are not numbered and not in the TOC
  • the local pages that use the image

The description part has also an edit history; it is labelled, somewhat confusingly, Image:xxx Revision history. It should not be confused with the Image history.

What follows refers to the description part, and is in particular about images.

Useful things to include on an image description page

In the description part of the page you can put text. Initially the description part automatically contains the upload summary supplied by the user when uploading the first version (this text also shows up in the Image history section at the first upload line).

Description of the image

Eg: "Image of a goldfish in a small tank". This should not be an alternative text, but rather a description. This is useful for users who do not have direct access to the image, and is a temporary substitute for a proper longdesc tag.

You could also include the proportions of the image, in pixels.

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