Anterior intercostal branches of internal thoracic artery

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Artery: Anterior intercostal branches of internal thoracic artery
Intercostal spaces, viewed from the left
Latin rami intercostales; anterior intercostal arteries
Gray's subject #148 584
Source Internal mammary artery   
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The Anterior intercostal branches of internal thoracic artery supply the upper five or six intercostal spaces.

Two in number in each space, these small vessels pass lateralward, one lying near the lower margin of the rib above, and the other near the upper margin of the rib below, and anastomose with the intercostal arteries from the aorta.

They are at first situated between the pleura and the Intercostales interni, and then between the Intercostales interni and externi.

They supply the intercostal muscles and, by branches which perforate the Intercostales externi, the Pectoral muscles and the mamma.

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