Zygomaticofacial nerve

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Nerve: Zygomaticofacial nerve
Distribution of the maxillary and mandibular nerves, and the submaxillary ganglion. (Zygomaticofacial not labeled, but region visible.)
Mandibular division of the trifacial nerve. (Zygomaticofacial labeled at center right.)
Latin ramus zygomaticofacialis nervi zygomatici
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From zygomatic nerve
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The zygomaticofacial nerve or zygomaticofacial branch of zygomatic nerve (malar branch) passes along the infero-lateral angle of the orbit, emerges upon the face through a foramen in the zygomatic bone, and, perforating the Orbicularis oculi to reach the skin of the malar area.

It joins with the zygomatic branches of the facial nerve and with the inferior palpebral branches of the maxillary nerve.

The area of skin supplied by this nerve is over the prominence of the cheek. This was recently confirmed in a study using microdissection of cadavers.[1]


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