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This page lists existing templates which you may find useful. (A more comprehensive category system may be viewed at Category:Wikipedia templates.) For information on what templates are and how to use them, please see Wikipedia:Template namespace.

If you cannot find the template you need, you can request it on Wikipedia:Requested templates. For help on creating templates, see Help:Template, or contact a user who has identified themselves as an adept template coder.

To see the templates and how they are implemented, click on the bold links at the top of the cell which lists the templates of interest to you.

In order to maintain consistent design of templates there has been significant discussion about a variety of templates at Wikipedia:Template standardisation.

Article-related namespace

Please list navigational templates (as, for example, between pages relating to a specific topic) at Wikipedia:Navigational templates or at the appropriate WikiProject page. See also Wikipedia:Article series.


Sources / Citations / References


Sister Projects

  • Wikiquote
  • Wiktionary
  • Wikibooks
  • Wikisource
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Wikinews
  • Wikiversity
  • Wikispecies
  • Mediawiki
  • Meta-Wiki
  • Linking between projects
  • Soft redirects
  • Transwiki copy

Deletion / Renaming / Discussion

  • Deletion of:
    • Articles (AfD)
    • Categories (CfD)
    • Images and media (IfD)
    • Redirects (RfD)
    • Speedy deletion (D)
    • Templates (TfD)
    • Stub types (SfD)
  • Moving or Renaming (within Wikipedia or to other wikis)

Disputes and warnings

  • Accuracy
  • Suspected hoax
  • Neutrality
  • Original research
  • Contradictory
  • Controversial
  • Unencyclopedic
  • Notability
  • Autobiography


  • Article in use (major edits)
  • Protected from editing/vandalism
  • Copyright violations
  • Article issues
    • General attention needed
    • ISSN issues
    • Lack of geopolitical balance
    • IPA conversion
  • Categorization issues


Compact Tables of Contents (TOC)


  • Dynamic lists
  • Incomplete lists
  • Subject or topic lists
  • Disputed content/length

Redirect pages

  • To be placed at the end of the same line as the redirect tag.

Subject matter boxes and diagrams

  • Calendars
  • Court Decisions
  • Diagrams
  • Game and Puzzle layouts
  • Grids
  • Periodic Table


  • Division boxes
  • Userbox holders
  • Multiple columns
  • Image holders

Non article-related namespace


  • Policies and non-policies
  • Village Talk
  • WikiProjects
  • WP:Sandbox
  • WP:FAQ
  • WP:BJAODN (Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense)


  • Births in Years
  • Books in Years
  • Deaths in Years
  • More information
  • Categorization of people:
    • Subjective Category Disclaimer
    • Disputed categorisation


  • Contribution Licensing
  • Disclaimer
  • Languages
  • New Page Links
  • Open Tasks
  • Picture of the Day
  • Shared IP
  • Wikimedia Licensing

User talk

  • Experimenting & Vandalism Notices
  • Shared IP Notices
  • Spamming Notices
  • Three Revert Rule
  • User Talk Requests
  • Welcome Messages
  • Edit-summary request
  • Minor-edit reminder


  • Featured articles (and candidates)
  • Expansion requests
  • Request Photo/Images
  • Comments
  • Discussion thread tags
  • Free Images
  • Translation requests
  • Peer review
  • To Do lists
  • WikiProject notices


  • Copyright status unknown or unverified
  • Creative commons licensed image
  • Fair use claimed
  • Free use image / Semi-free use image
  • Government copyrights (UK, Canada, Poland)
  • GNU/GFDL image
  • Images and media for deletion
  • Image categorization
  • Non-free (copyrighted) image
  • "not an orphan"
  • Public domain image
  • Screenshot

See also: Wikipedia:Image copyright tags

Related pages for specific types of templates


Wiki templates

The wiki templates are powerful tools for editing Wikipedia articles. A "wiki template" is a kind of sub-template, and the "Wikipedia Edit Language" uses the notation {{template-name}} for the sub-template reference.

Technical note: "Wiki template references" are embedded on the "Wikipedia Edit Language", as a web template embedded language, using the open {{ and close }} hooks, for enclose the wiki template language syntax, where valid names and valid instructions can be used, like template reference, as {{disambig}}, and conditions, as {{#if:{{{variable_foo|}}} | foo yes |foo is blank }}.

See also

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