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A tool to automatically generate Wiki-friendly citation templates from a Google Scholar search or BibTeX entry.

You can access the tool here and or add it to your Mozilla Firefox search bar.

For rudimentary BibTeX conversion, click here.

Please feel free to add to the current issues and wishlist as opportunity arises, or to discuss the system on the talk page

You may also be interested in Zotero, a reference manager that allows you to paste directly into Wikipedia as citation templates with Ctrl-Alt-C. Mozilla Firefox 2.0+ only.

Current issues

  • PDF redirects[1]
  • DOILABEL support
  • DOIs found with a terminating .[2]
  • Should omit full stop at end of titles
  • Date support removed with DOI update
  • doi not found properly at doi:10.1016/j.revpalbo.2003.12.005


  • Automatic search of WP for journal links(?)
  • Hyphenated names
  • Scour list of "other results" to find one with a DOI
  • Automatically use Nature for nature articles
  • PMID display

Change Log

25th August 2007

  • Speed greatly improved
  • DOI support enhanced
  • Special character support improved

22nd August 2007

  • Author and Year search bugs squashed.

27th June 2007

  • Only output minimum number of fields

26th June 2007

  • Repair incompatibilities with new Google Scholar

25th May 2007

  • Author bug

11th May 2007

  • Upgraded to Google interface
  • Fixed special character bug
  • Improved doi handling

6th May 2007

  • Added compatibility with special characters
  • DOI & ISSN grabbing
  • Various minor tweaks

28th April 2007

  • Fixed 'Date = today' bug
  • Improved formatting of author list

26th April 2007

  • Apostophes now compatible
  • Increased harvesting powers:
now reaps details Google Scholar doesn't find.
Can Citify items without related articles

25th April 2007

  • More compatibility with other formats (number of braces, capitalisation)
  • Enhanced performance with {{cite book}}

24th April 2007

  • Implemented URL-grabber
  • Implemented DOI-finder
  • ALLCAPS sensibliser activated
  • Improved conference capabilities
  • Whitespace optimisation

23rd April 2007

  • Fully functional
  • Compatibility issues fixed
  • Conference support
  • Small Vendian transversely Articulated fossils
  • Riding, R. (2004). "A Late Silurian extinction event and anachronistic period: COMMENT". doi:10.1126/science.1057204. Check |doi= value (help). Retrieved 2007-06-18.

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