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An urea transporter is a membrane transport protein, transporting urea.

Urea Transporter A1

Urea transporter 1 transports urea across the apical membrane into the intracellular space of luminal cells in the inner medullary collecting duct of the kidneys. UT-1 is activated by ADH, but is a passive transporter. It reabsorbs up to 40% of the original filtered load of urea. [1]

Urea Transporter A2

Urea Transporter 2 transports urea across the apical membrane into the luminal space of cells in the thin descending loop of Henle of the kidneys.[1]

Urea Transporter A3

Urea transporter 3 transports urea into the interstitium of the Inner Medullary Collecting Duct.[2]

Urea Transporter A4

Urea transporter 4 has been detected in rat but not mouse kidney medulla.[2]

Urea Transporter A5

Urea transporter 5 is not expressed in the kidney but in the testis.[2]

Urea Transporter B

UT-B is expressed in the basolateral and apical regions of the descending Vasa recta.[1]


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