Tubuli seminiferi recti

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Tubuli seminiferi recti
Schematic drawing of testicle and epididymis. 1 Tunica albuginea, 2 Septula testis, 3 Lobulus testis, 4 Mediastinum testis, 5 Tubuli seminiferi contorti, 6 Tubuli seminiferi recti, 7 Rete testis, 8 Ductuli efferentes testis, 9 Ductus epididymidis, 10 initial part of deferent duct
Illu testis schematic.jpg
1: Testicular septa
2: Convoluted seminiferous tubules
3: Testicular lobules
4: Straight seminiferous tubules
5: Efferent ductules
6: Rete testis
Gray's subject #258 1244
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The tubuli seminiferi recti (also known as the tubuli recti, tubulus rectus, or straight seminiferous tubules) is a structure in the testicle connecting the convoluted region of the seminiferous tubule to the rete testis, although the tubuli recti has a different appearance distinguishing it from these two structures.

They enter the fibrous tissue of the mediastinum, and pass upward and backward, forming, in their ascent, a close net-work of anastomosing tubes which are merely channels in the fibrous stroma, lined by flattened epithelium, and having no proper walls; this constitutes the rete testis.

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