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This is the documentation page for Template:Trivia/doc.
When it is viewed directly, links using variables may appear broken; do not replace these with hardcoded page names or URLs.


  • This template sorts articles into Category:Articles with trivia sections.
  • This template should not be subst'ed.
  • To minimize this template's size, a non-fixed width was used. To have the template use the standard 80% width (such as when it fails to line up correctly with other templates), add "width=full" as a parameter: {{trivia|width=full}}.


This template should be placed at the top of the relevant section.


To help with the categorisation of articles, you may use the optional date parameter, e.g. {{trivia|date=May 2020}}. Articles tagged with this template without the parameter will given the parameter by a bot.

The simplest way to add this template to an article is to copy and paste {{trivia|date=May 2020}}

Other templates

Please keep this template's wording in sync with the main template.

  • {{Trivia small}} A smaller box to the right of the page.
  • {{Trivia talk}} A talk page version.
  • {{Prose}} A similar box that suggests converting the section into prose, rather than integrating the items into the prose of other sections.

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