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This is template 's' or 'S' on the below sisterwiki's, which also have a copy of this 'SP', for interwiki portability needs



This is a short-form 'alias' for the template {{Space}}, which it calls, if necessary, with the default of '3', but will also accept a numeric argument and pass same onto Space.

  • 'Space' is extremely useful to align things like 'monthname year' lists inside a table, but shoves the table innards around creating wrapped edit lines and disorganizing the columnar nature of such a flat table columnized list.
's' on other sisters, SP (computer science ASCII abbreviation) here due to template collisions and prior use.

   SP will default to '3' ('NN') spaces thus takes up far less width and leaves the editor less confused by replacing either 'NN' '& nbsp ;' and/or '& emsp ;' HTML codes or the 'space' template width itself allowing one to finesse things like lining up the years between a column of dates or other unequal length text fields, and other such naturally misaligning tabular data.