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A navigation box that presents its content in columns. Originally intended to provide a relatively straightforward means to align links prefixed by flag icons, e.g. in templates offering links to country articles.

Basic syntax

Only required parameters and width included.

{{Navbox with columns
|name  = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|title = 
|width = (width of each column, preferably in a proportional unit such as 'em'*)
|col1  = 
|col2  = 

* See Em (typography). Using proportional units means the template should still be displayed correctly across a range of browser font-sizes. If width not specified, a default 10em is used.


Required parameters in bold.

name The name of the template. The name of this template, for example, is "Navigation with columns".
state Possible values are collapsed, uncollapsed, and the default autocollapse.
titlestyle CSS style/s to apply to titlebar; usually background:color (background defaults to NavHead default).
title The title of the template, displayed centered in the titlebar at the top of the template.
bodystyle CSS style/s to apply to the template's body (i.e. including space not used by columns)
abovestyle CSS style/s to apply to the above parameter.
above Text or other elements to appear above the columns.
image Image to the right of all of the columns.
imageleft Image to the left of all of the columns.
width Width, preferably in a proportional unit such as 'em', used for each column whose width not specified by colNwidth below. Defaults to 10em.
padding Padding before first column, preferably in a proportional unit. Defaults to 5em.
colstyle CSS style/s to apply across all columns; if used, usually background:color per titlestyle above.
oddcolstyle CSS style/s to apply to all odd-numbered columns (again, if used, usually background:color).
evencolstyle CSS style/s to apply to all even-numbered columns (ditto).
col1width First column's width (overrides width above).
col1style CSS style/s to apply to the first column.
col1 First column's content.
col2width Second column's width (overrides width above).
col2style CSS style/s to apply to the second column.
col2 Second column's content.
col3width Third column's width (overrides width above).
col3style CSS style/s to apply to the third column.
col3 Third column's content.
...... ......
col10width Tenth and final column's width (overrides width above).
col10style CSS style/s to apply to the tenth and final column.
col10 Tenth and final column's content.
belowstyle CSS style/s to apply to the below parameter.
below Text or other elements to appear below the columns.
category The category or categories to which a page including the template will become a member. Avoid using, as such categories not shown in the code of a page transcluding the template.



{{Navbox with columns
|name    = East Asia Summit (EAS)
|title   = Member states of the [[East Asia Summit|East Asia Summit (EAS)]]
|width   = 18.25em
|padding = 10em

|above = ''This is where the {{{above}}} would appear.''

|col1 = {{AUS}}<br/> {{BRU}}<br/> {{CAM}}<br/> {{IND}}
|col2 = {{IDN}}<br/> {{JPN}}<br/> {{LAO}}<br/> {{MAS}}
|col3 = {{MYA}}<br/> {{NZL}}<br/> {{CHN-PRC}}<br/> {{PHI}}
|col4 = {{SIN}}<br/> {{KOR}}<br/> {{THA}}<br/> {{VIE}}

|belowstyle = padding-top:0.5em;
|below = '''Potential future members'''{{spaces|6}}{{TLS}}{{spaces|3}}{{RUS}}


See also

Navigation template comparison
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collapsible Header color Image Groups Style (body)
{{Navbox}} collapsible navbox Left/right of body Yes Yes {{USCongress}}, {{Apollo program}}
{{Navbox with columns}} collapsible navbox Left/right of columns No Yes {{Current U.S. Senators}}, {{UK subdivisions}}
The background color for the header or title is inherited from the class listed below. The templates have titlestyle parameters that can be used to override the default.
Collapsible attributes
Type CSS classes Collapses when Custom
initial state
Nesting Default
header color
Font size
Collapsible tables collapsible, navbox 2 or more autocollapse on page Yes Yes #ccccff 90%
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