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This template's purpose is to easily output the club colours of the clubs. These little images are used throughout many rugby league articles, mainly lists of teams etc.

To use the template anywhere in Wikipedia. Follow the code below.

See the table below to what you can enter in the KEYWORD part.
It is default sized to 23px

For example

{{leagueicon|Brisbane}} will equate to Template:Leagueicon
See the table below to what you can enter in the KEYWORD part.
The size should be size=(what ever size you want)
Please do not put px on it, enter a number (eg. 50)

For example

{{leagueicon|Brisbane|size=80}} will equate to Template:Leagueicon
You can align where the image goes, which will then wrap it around the text
Simply add align=(what ever alignment you want)

For example Template:Leagueicon

{{leagueicon|Brisbane|align=right}} will equate to
Result Keyword Team Link (Bold indicates current)
Current and Former NRL/ARL/SL/NSWRL Teams
Template:Leagueicon Brisbane, Brisbane Broncos Brisbane Broncos
Template:Leagueicon Canberra, Canberra Raiders Canberra Raiders
Template:Leagueicon Canterbury, Canterbury Bulldogs, Sydney Bulldogs, Bulldogs Canterbury Bulldogs
Template:Leagueicon Cronulla, Cronulla Sharks Cronulla Sharks
Template:Leagueicon Sydney Roosters, Sydney, Sydney City Roosters, Sydney City, Easts, Eastern Suburbs Sydney Roosters
Template:Leagueicon Gold Coast Titans Gold Coast Titans
Template:Leagueicon Manly, Manly Sea Eagles Manly Sea Eagles
Template:Leagueicon Melbourne, Melbourne Storm Melbourne Storm
Template:Leagueicon New Zealand, New Zealand Warriors New Zealand Warriors
Template:Leagueicon Newcastle, Newcastle Knights Newcastle Knights
Template:Leagueicon North Queensland, North Queensland Cowboys, Nth Qld North Queensland Cowboys
Template:Leagueicon Parramatta, Parramatta Eels Parramatta Eels
Template:Leagueicon Penrith, Penrith Panthers Penrith Panthers
Template:Leagueicon South Sydney, Souths, South Sydney Rabbitohs, Rabbitohs South Sydney Rabbitohs
Template:Leagueicon St. George Illawarra, St George Illawarra, St.George Illawarra, St. George Illawarra Dragons, St George Illawarra Dragons, St.George Illawarra Dragons St. George Illawarra Dragons
Template:Leagueicon Wests Tigers Wests Tigers
Template:Leagueicon Adelaide, Adelaide Rams Adelaide Rams
Template:Leagueicon Annandale, Annandale Dales Annandale
Template:Leagueicon Auckland, Auckland Warriors Auckland Warriors
Template:Leagueicon Balmain, Balmain Tigers Balmain Tigers
Template:Leagueicon Cumberland, Central Cumberland Cumberland
Template:Leagueicon Glebe Glebe Dirty Reds
Template:Leagueicon Gold Coast Seagulls, Gold Coast Chargers, Gold Coast Giants, Gold Coast-Tweed Giants, Gold Coast Tweed Giants Gold Coast Chargers
Template:Leagueicon Hunter, Hunter Mariners Hunter Mariners
Template:Leagueicon Illawarra, Illawarra Steelers Illawarra Steelers
Template:Leagueicon Newcastle Foundation, Newcastle1908, Newcastle Rebels Newcastle Rebels
Template:Leagueicon Newtown, Newtown Jets Newtown Jets
Template:Leagueicon Norths, North Sydney, North Sydney Bears North Sydney Bears
Template:Leagueicon Northern Eagles Northern Eagles
Template:Leagueicon South Queensland, South Queensland Crushers, Sth Qld South Queensland Crushers
Template:Leagueicon St. George, St George, St.George, St. George Dragons, St George Dragons, St.George Dragons St. George Dragons
Template:Leagueicon University University
Template:Leagueicon Western Reds, Perth, Perth Reds Western Reds
Template:Leagueicon Western Suburbs, Western Suburbs Magpies Western Suburbs Magpies
State of Origin Teams
Template:Leagueicon New South Wales, New South Wales Blues New South Wales state rugby league team
Template:Leagueicon Queensland, Queensland Maroons Queensland state rugby league team
Super League (Europe) Teams
Template:Leagueicon Bradford, Bradford Bulls
Template:Leagueicon Catalans, Les Catalans, Catalans Dragons, Les Catalans Dragons
Template:Leagueicon Harlequins, Quins
Template:Leagueicon Huddersfield, Huddersfields Giants
Template:Leagueicon Hull, Hull FC, HullFC
Template:Leagueicon Hull Kingston Rovers, Hull Kingston, Hull Rovers
Template:Leagueicon Leeds Rhinos, Leeds
Template:Leagueicon Salford City Reds, Salford City
Template:Leagueicon St Helens, St. Helens
Template:Leagueicon Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Wakefield Trinity, Wakefield, Wakefield Wildcats, Trinity, Trinitu Wildcats
Template:Leagueicon Warrington, Warrington Wolves Warrington Wolves
Template:Leagueicon Wigan, Wigan Warriors Wigan Warriors
National Cup (Great Britain) One
Template:Leagueicon Batley, Batley Bulldogs Batley Bulldogs
Template:Leagueicon Castleford, Castleford Tigers Castleford Tigers
Template:Leagueicon Dewsbury, Dewsbury Rams Dewsbury Rams
Template:Leagueicon Doncaster Doncaster RLFC
Template:Leagueicon Halifax Halifax RLFC
Template:Leagueicon Leigh, Leigh Centurions Leigh Centurions
Template:Leagueicon Rochdale, Rochdale Hornets Rochdale Hornets
Template:Leagueicon Sheffield, Sheffield Eagles Sheffield Eagles
Template:Leagueicon Whitehaven, Haven Whitehaven RLFC
Template:Leagueicon Widnes, Widnes Vikings Widnes Vikings
National Cup (Great Britain) Two
Template:Leagueicon Barrow Raiders, Barrow
Template:Leagueicon Blackpool Panthers, Blackpool
Template:Leagueicon Celtic Crusaders, Celtic
Template:Leagueicon Featherstone Rovers, Featherstone
Template:Leagueicon Gateshead Thunder, Gateshead
Template:Leagueicon Hunslet Hawks, Hunslet
Template:Leagueicon Keighley Cougars, Keighley
Template:Leagueicon London Skolars
Template:Leagueicon Oldham Roughyeds, Oldham
Template:Leagueicon Swinton Lions, Swinton
Template:Leagueicon Workington Town, Workington
Template:Leagueicon York City, York City Knights
Queensland Cup / Brisbane A-Grade / Foley Shield Teams
Template:Leagueicon Aspley, Aspley Broncos, Aspley Devils Aspley Broncos
Template:Leagueicon Brothers-Valleys, Brothers Valleys Brothers-Valleys
Template:Leagueicon Bundaberg, Bundaberg Grizzlies Bundaberg Grizzlies
Template:Leagueicon Burleigh, Burleigh Bears Burleigh Bears
Template:Leagueicon Cairns Cyclones, Cairns Cairns Cyclones
Template:Leagueicon Cairns Marlins, Cairns Cairns Marlins
Template:Leagueicon Central Capras QRL Central Division
Template:Leagueicon Central Comets Central Comets
Template:Leagueicon Easts Tigers Easts Tigers
Template:Leagueicon Gold Coast Vikings Gold Coast Vikings
Template:Leagueicon Ipswich, Ipswich Jets Ipswich Jets
Template:Leagueicon Logan Scorpions Logan Scorpions
Template:Leagueicon Mackay Sea Eagles Mackay Sea Eagles
Template:Leagueicon Norths Devils, Northern Suburbs Devils Norths Devils
Template:Leagueicon North Queensland Young Guns, North Queensland, Nth Qld North Queensland Young Guns
Template:Leagueicon Past Brothers, Brothers Past Brothers
Template:Leagueicon Port Moresby Vipers Port Moresby Vipers
Template:Leagueicon Redcliffe, Redcliffe Dolphins Redcliffe Dolphins
Template:Leagueicon Souths Magpies Souths Magpies
Template:Leagueicon Souths-Logan Magpies, Souths Logan Magpies Souths-Logan Magpies
Template:Leagueicon Sunshine Coast Falcons, Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast Falcons
Template:Leagueicon Toowoomba, Toowoomba Clydesdales Toowoomba Clydesdales
Template:Leagueicon Townsville Stingers Townsville Stingers
Template:Leagueicon Tweeds, Tweed Heads, Tweed Heads Seagulls Tweed Heads Seagulls
Template:Leagueicon Valleys, Fortitude Valley Diehards, Valleys Diehards Fortitude Valley Diehards
Template:Leagueicon Wests Panthers Wests Panthers
Template:Leagueicon Wynnum, Wynnum-Manly, Wynnum-Manly Seagulls Wynnum-Manly Seagulls
American National Rugby League
Template:Leagueicon Aston DSC-Glen Mills, Aston DSC Bulls, Aston Bulls, Aston Aston DSC Bulls
Template:Leagueicon Boston, Boston Braves Boston Braves
Template:Leagueicon New Jersey, Bucks County Sharks, Bucks Sharks Bucks County Sharks
Template:Leagueicon Connecticut, Connecticut Wildcats Connecticut Wildcats
Template:Leagueicon Delaware Valley Mantarays, Delaware Valley, Delaware Mantarays Delaware Valley Mantarays
Template:Leagueicon Fairfax, Fairfax Eagles Fairfax Eagles
Template:Leagueicon Glen Mills, Glen Bulls, Glen Mills Bulls Glen Mills Bulls
Template:Leagueicon Jacksonville Axemen, Jacksonville Jacksonville Axemen
Template:Leagueicon New Haven Warriors, New Haven New Haven Warriors
Template:Leagueicon New York, New York Knights New York Knights
Template:Leagueicon Northern Raiders Northern Raiders
Template:Leagueicon Philadelphia Fight, Philadelphia Philadelphia Fight
Template:Leagueicon Washington D.C. Slayers, Washington DC Slayers, Washington D.C., Washington DC Washington D.C. Slayers
Bartercard Cup Teams
Template:Leagueicon Wellington Wellington Orcas