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Information icon.svg This template employs intricate features of template syntax.
You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with its setup and parser functions before editing the template. If your edit causes unexpected problems, please undo it quickly, as this template may appear on a large number of pages.
Remember that you can conduct experiments, and should test all improvements, in either the local /sandbox or your user space before changing anything here.
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Actually, this template's syntax is relatively simple, but templates that link to the above message should be intricate, i.e., complex, using less obvious techniques, esoteric syntax, combining different techniques, used as parameter for other templates, build to function for a variety of calling instances, etc. The above template adds templates to Category:Intricate templates. bg:Шаблон:Esoteric cs:Šablona:Esoteric da:Skabelon:Komplicert skabelon eo:Ŝablono:Esotera ia:Patrono:Esoteric ka:თარგი:Esoteric no:Mal:Komplisert mal sl:Predloga:Esoteric sv:Mall:Komplicerad kod ur:سانچہ:مخفی wuu:Template:Esoteric zh-classical:Template:Esoteric