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{{{firstname}}} {{{lastname}}}

An Infobox poker player may be used to summarize information about a person who is a poker player.

Statistics can be filled out for the following tournaments:


1.) If a player has no results in a tournament leave blank.

  • |ept titles=
  • |ept final tables=
  • |ept money finishes=

2.) If the player has one of more results in a tournament fill in all data.

  • |ept titles=None
  • |ept final tables=None
  • |ept money finishes=3

Alternatively if a player wasn't living before a particular tournament even existed you can leave out the data lines outright, see the article about Jack Keller for an example.


The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article. For an example, see Phil Hellmuth.

{{Infobox poker player
|wsop bracelet count=
|wsop money finishes=
|wsop main event best finish rank=
|wsop main event best finish year=
|multi-year wsop winner=
|wpt titles=
|wpt final tables=
|wpt money finishes=
|ept titles=
|ept final tables=
|ept money finishes=

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