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This is the documentation page for Template:Infobox military attack/doc.
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{{Infobox military attack
| title       = 
| image       = 
| caption     = 
| location    = 
| coordinates = 
| target      = 
| date        = 
| time        = 
| timezone    = 
| type        = 
| fatalities  = 
| injuries    = 
| instigator  = 
| means       = 
| conflict    =


{{Infobox military attack

For all fields, no wikilinks are automatically incorporated into the infobox. Therefore, if you want anything to be linked to something else, they must be added when including the template.

Required fields

  • title - A title for the attack; most likely this will match the article title, but you can change it to something slightly different if the title is a little over-descriptive
  • location - The city where the attack occurred; including the country is preferred for cities; including the province or state is discouraged unless necessary or well-known:
  • date - The date of the attack; use {{Start date}} to allow for users' date preferences to go into effect and include the date in the hCalendar microformat (see below; end-date and time parameters will be added to the microformat, later).

Optional fields

  • image - An image associated with the event; do not precede the image name with Image:
  • caption - A caption for the image
  • coordinates - geographical coordinates. Use {{coord}} with |display=inline,title
  • target - A specific target, if applicable (perhaps a specific airplane or building); multiple targets are allowed, of course
  • time - The time of the attack(s), if all targets occurred at the same time (do not use this along with time-begin and time-end)
  • time-begin and time-end - The start and end times, respectively, if the series of attacks (do not use this along with time)
  • timezone - The timezone of the location of the attack(s); UTC+X, UTC-X, or UTC (i.e. offset from UTC) preferred
  • type - The type of attack
  • means - Means used in attack (this field should not be over-used)
  • fatalities - Number of people killed during attack(s)
  • injuries - Number of people injured (excludes those killed) during attack(s)
  • instigator - The instigator of the attack
  • conflict - The conflict during which the attack took place