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Syntax including all possible variables (required parameters marked with asterisk):

{{Infobox Writing system
|name        = (*)
|type        = (*see options below)
|typedesc    = (For providing additional info after a general type)
|time        = (*Time period during which system was in use)
|languages   = (Major languages using the writing system)
|fam1        = (Use famN to specify parent writing system/s.
|fam2        =  Up to 15 parent writing systems can be listed,
...             fam1 being the oldest.)
|fam15       = 
|creator     = (Use instead of famN for artificially created writing systems)
|sisters     = (For sister writing systems here with common origin)
|children    = (For child writing systems)
|sample      = (Sample image, WITHOUT "Image:" prefix)
|imagesize   = (Sample image's size)
|unicode     = (To specify a Unicode range)
|iso15924    = (To specify an ISO 15924 four-letter code)
|IPAChartEng = (To provide link to IPA chart for English)

While it is probably important to always list at least the immediate 'parent' of any writing system it isn't always practical to list all of the 'children' if this number is too large.

Options for type parameter

Select color coding according to the type of writing system:

Abjad Alphabet Abugida Syllabary Manual
Pictographic Ideographic Logographic Undeciphered Alternative