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This is the documentation page for Template:Infobox Theatre/doc.
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Usage and example


Parameter Explanation -- The blue fields * are coded as hCard compatible.
name * The theatre's current name. Or, in the case of historical theatres, the name by which it is most often referred.
image The name of an image file depicting the theatre: TheatreImage.jpg The filename needs no wikiformatting, as it is standardized in the template.
caption A short blurb describing the picture, year it was taken, production in house at the time the picture was taken, etc.
address The street address of the theatre.
city * The city in which the theatre resides. Should be wikilinked.
country If the city is ambiguous or not well-known to most readers, the country can be added and wikilinked.
designation This field should be filled if the building has been recognized by a governmental authority. A listed building designation in the UK, a New York City Landmark, or some such designation should be wikilinked in this field. A listed building should be in the format [[listed building|Listed Building Grade II*]].
latitude * The degrees latitude of the theatre in decimal format, to no more than five decimal places. (Zeros are significant.) This field and the longitude field are coded into the {{Coord}} template, using a "display=title" parameter. While this template exists in the infobox, the display is in the upper right-hand corner of the article. For information on obtaining these coordinates, see Wikipedia:Obtaining geographic coordinates.
longitude * The degrees longitude of the theatre in decimal format, to no more than five decimal places. (Zeros are significant.)
architect The architect of the original building. In most cases, should be wikilinked.
owner The name of the entity who owns the theatre. In some cases, should be wikilinked.
capacity The seating capacity of the theatre. (This will sometimes change from production to production; if the source estimates this information, it should be noted with (est.) in parenthesis next to the number. For historical theatres, the year in which the capacity was tabulated should be noted.)
type The type of theatre, not the type of productions normally presented by the theatre. Acceptable entries include Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-off-Broadway, National, Provincial, Local authority, Music Hall, and Opera House. This should not be wikilinked.
opened The date the theatre opened its doors, not the date the current production opened or the date of a name change.
yearsactive Year ranges of activity as a theatre. If the theatre has been active since its opening or if it was active until its closing date, this field should be omitted.
rebuilt This refers ONLY to MAJOR rebuilds involving an architect. Minor refurbishments need not be added. The format is Year of Rebuild, [[Name of Architect]].
closed The date the theatre closed its doors.
othernames * Any other names under which the venue has operated, in chronological order. Exact years are unnecessary, as it should be covered in the article. These should not be wikilinked as they are, most likely, redirects to the current article.
production The name of the current production. If the venue changes productions frequently, this heading can be omitted. It should only be used if the production either has been there awhile or is likely to be there awhile. It shouldn't have to be changed monthly. Italics are included in the code of the template, and, in all liklihood, this should be wikilinked.
currentuse If the building is currently being used as anything other than a legitimate theatre (one that produces plays or musicals), this field should be populated. Use demolished or vacant if appropriate. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should this field be populated if the "production" field is populated. This should be wikilinked.
website This is a field for a self-maintained website for the theatre. It is not a field for the website of the theatre's current production. If the theatre does not have its own website (ie. most Broadway theatres redirect to a common site), do not enter this information. It can be entered as www.example.com -- the brackets, "http://", and the theatre's name are coded into the template.