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Template:Infobox Song

{{Infobox Song <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs -->
| Name           = 
| Cover          = 
| Caption        = 
| Type           = 
| Artist         = 
| alt Artist     = 
| Album          = 
| Published      = 
| Released       = 
| track_no       = 
| Recorded       = 
| Genre          = 
| Length         = 
| Writer         = 
| Composer       = 
| Label          = 
| Producer       = 
| Chart position = 
| Tracks         = 
| prev           = 
| prev_no        = 
| next           = 
| next_no        = 
| Misc           = 


The name of the song. This field is compulsory.
You should not use the album cover, as this is not compliant with our fair-use criteria.
If you want to add something more descriptive than "Song" use the "Type" field.
There are two ways to create a track listing; either a "full" album track listing or a partial one. The full track listing is done using the "Tracks" field (simply list the tracks using #'s). The partial method is using the prev, prev_no, next, next_no and track_no fields. This is for previous and next tracks. It'd be better to use "Tracks"; both should not be used.

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