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{{Infobox France station
| name        = name of the station
| image       = an image of the station
| caption     = a caption for the image
| lon_dir     = longitude: W=west, E=east (default)
| lat_dir     = latitude: S=south, N=north (default)
| lat_deg     = latitude degrees
| lat_min     = latitude minutes
| lat_sec     = latitude seconds
| lon_deg     = longitude degrees
| lon_min     = longitude minutes
| lon_sec     = longitude seconds
| Services    = trains that serve the station
| Tracks      = number of tracks
| Platforms   = number of platforms
| Opened      = date the station was opened
| Region      = the region the station is located in
| Department  = the department the station is located in
| Commune     = the commune the station is located in

TIP:If you don't know the coordinates, hover your mouse over the station in Google Earth to see them.


This is the infobox from the article on the Gare de Grenoble-Universités-Gières.