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This template provides a quick, standard method of citing the online version of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, ed. L. Macy, for music-related articles in Wikipedia.

How to use

The syntax is as follows: {{GroveOnline|article|author|day and month|year}}

Example usage and its result:

{{GroveOnline|Dieterich Buxtehude|Snyder, Kerala J|23 February|2020}}

Snyder, Kerala J. "Dieterich Buxtehude", Grove Music Online, ed. L. Macy (accessed 23 February 2020), grovemusic.com (subscription access).

Template data

{{{2}}}. "{{{1}}}", Grove Music Online, ed. L. Macy (accessed [[{{{3}}}]] [[{{{4}}}]]), grovemusic.com (subscription access).

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