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This template causes the output object {{{1}}} to float to the right side of the current bounded div region of an HTML page.
  • The template creates a div style command, then terminates it (/div> after the pass parameter, forming a div /div block.
The named parameter 'W=' may be used to give an alternative width command value of any legal kind. The default is 250px. If 'W' is used, you must terminate the command with the proper suffix ('%', px, em, etc.)
The named parameters 'ALT=', 'PRE=', 'POST', and 'END=' may be used to give other legal div style HTML/css formatting commands, including multiline block commands using both.
note extra spaces added for clarity. (The stream has no whitespace within.)
<div style="align:right; float:right; {{{ALT|}}} width:{{{W|250px;}}} "> {{{PRE|}}} {{{1}}} {{{POST| }}} </div>{{{END|<br>}}}