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Paramaters are as follows:

  • director, the director
  • producer, the producer
  • crew, alternative crew, actors, etc, will render as plain text, allowing for links
  • title, title (required)
  • url, if a url is defined, the title will link to it
  • accessdate: Date (Month Day) when item was accessed. Should be ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD format.
    • accessyear: Year when item was accessed. (Optional if ISO 8601 date used)
  • date, release date
  • medium, Television series, Videotape, etc.
  • distributor, distributor of the work
    • location, location of the distributor


{{Cite visual|director=John Director|producer=Jane Producer|crew=And everyone else who made this possible|title=The Show|url=http://en.wikipedia.org|accessdate=2006-07-02|date=[[1998-02-07]]|medium=DVD|distributor=Distribution Inc|location=Earth}}


Jane Producer (Producer), & John Director (Director). And everyone else who made this possible. (1998-02-07) The Show [DVD]. Earth: Distribution Inc. URL accessed on 2006-07-02.

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