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This is a proposed template for citations to the notes appearing in the booklets that accompany CDs or other recording media. Parameters are:

  • last: The last name of the author.
  • first: The first name of the author.
  • title: The title of the notes themselves (not the title of the CD).
  • cddesc: The title or other description of the CD, including the names of the performers if appropriate.
  • publisher: The publisher of the CD.
  • catalognumber: The catalog number of the CD.
  • date: The date the CD was published.

Example: {{cite cd notes |first=Allan |last=Evans |title=Victor de Sabata |date=1999 |cddesc=Victor de Sabata conducts |publisher=Pearl |catalognumber=GEMS 0054}} appears as

Evans, Allan (1999). "Victor de Sabata." Program notes to Victor de Sabata conducts: Pearl, GEMS 0054.