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This template is the footer for a college basketball schedule. It should be used in conjunction with the templates in the #See also section.


{{CBB Schedule End
| rank     = insert "no" if you do not want ranking info to appear
| poll     = Name of the poll if other than the Coaches Poll
| timezone = Name of the time zone the times in the schedule adhere to


{{CBB Schedule End
| rank     = 
| poll     = 
| timezone = 


{{CBB Schedule End|rank=|poll=|timezone=}}


Example 1

{{CBB Schedule End|rank=|poll=|timezone=[[Central Time]]}}
Template:CBB Schedule End

Example 2

{{CBB Schedule End|rank=no|poll=|timezone=[[North American Eastern Time Zone|Eastern Time]]}}
Template:CBB Schedule End

Example 3

{{CBB Schedule End|rank=|poll=[[AP]]|timezone=[[Mountain Time]]}}
Template:CBB Schedule End

See also

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