Sternoclavicular articulation

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Sternoclavicular articulation
Sternoclavicular articulation. Anterior view.
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Sternoclavicular articulation visible near center but not labeled.
Latin articulatio sternoclavicularis
Gray's subject #81 313
MeSH Sternoclavicular+Joint
Dorlands/Elsevier a_64/12161562

The sternoclavicular articulation is a double arthrodial joint. The parts entering into its formation are the sternal end of the clavicle, the upper and lateral part of the manubrium sterni, and the cartilage of the second rib, visible from the outside as the suprasternal notch. The articular surface of the clavicle is much larger than that of the sternum, and is invested with a layer of cartilage, which is considerably thicker than that on the latter bone.

The ligaments of this joint are:

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