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A stain is a discoloration that distinguishes itself from the material on which it is found. It can be unintentional, in the case of domestic stains on fabric, cloth, or other material, or it can be intentional. Stains are used intentionally in a variety of fields, including research (biochemical staining), technology (metal staining), and art (wood staining, stained glass.)

Different types of material can be stained by different substances, and stain resistance is an important characteristic in modern textile engineering. Various laundry techniques exist to attempt to remove or minimize existing stains, and stain removers are an important type of chemical in laundry detergents. Some stand-alone stain removers also exist.

Substances that may create stains


Stain removers

How to Treat Stains

1 Act as quickly as you can

2 Don’t rub the stain excessively or it will get grounded into the fabric

3 Understand what the stain is

4 Once applied to the fabric give the chemicals time to react with the stain

5 Don’t use bleach on wool or silk.

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