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File:Sheese medium cheddar vegan cheese alternative.jpg
227g (8 oz) package of Sheese Medium Cheddar
File:Sheese vegan medium cheddar.jpg
Slices of Sheese Medium Cheddar as a snack
File:Cream Sheese with Chives.jpg
255g (9 oz) package of cream Sheese with chives
File:Chives Cream Sheese.jpg
Open package of cream Sheese with chives

Soy cheese is an alternative that is relatively new to most markets. Obviously, as the name implies this cheese is made with soy milk. Usually, soy cheese does not contain casein anymore, as it is mostly manufactured for vegan consumers. In regards to lactose intolerant individuals, soy cheese is an excellent alternative.

Soy cheese has usually a lower fat content than its dairy counterparts [1][2]. Besides the low fat content, soy cheese is also cholesterol free and is a source of soy protein and isoflavones. Some of the soy cheese brands melt when heated similar to dairy cheese [3], while others stay mostly firm, or melt only when grated into tiny slices. Soy cheeses can be found in natural health food stores and big supermarkets.

Soy cheese comes in a variety of types including:

  • Blue Style [4]
  • Cheddar [5][6]
  • Chesire [7]
  • Edam [8]
  • Garlic/Herb flavor
  • Gouda [9]
  • Mozzarella [10]
  • Monterey Jack flavor [11]
  • Parmesan

There's also soy cream cheese available, sold in a variety of plain and seasoned versions [12].


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