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Template:Taxobox group i entryTemplate:Taxobox ordo entryTemplate:Taxobox familia entryTemplate:Taxobox end placementTemplate:Taxobox section subdivisionλ-like viruses
T1-like viruses
T5-like viruses
c2-like viruses
L5-like viruses
ψM1-like viruses
φC31-like viruses
N15-like virusesTemplate:Taxobox endSiphoviridae are a family of double-stranded DNAviruses infecting only bacteria that are characterized by a long non-contractile tail and an isometriccapsid (morphotype B1) or a prolate capsid (morphotype B2). The Siphoviridae viruses have a capsid with a diameter of about 55-60 nm and a long tail that can reach up to 570 nm. Their double-stranded DNA is linear. This family includes the phage λ, the phage χ and the phage φ80. The following genera are included here: