Pyloric glands

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Pyloric glands
A pyloric gland, from a section of the dog’s stomach.
m. Mouth.
n. Neck.
tr. A deep portion of a tubule cut transversely.
Latin glandulae pyloricae
Gray's subject #247 1166
Dorlands/Elsevier g_06/12391889

The pyloric glands are found in the pyloric portion of the stomach.

They consist of two or three short closed tubes opening into a common duct or mouth.

These tubes are wavy, and are about one-half the length of the duct.

The duct is lined by columnar cells, continuous with the epithelium lining the surface of the mucous membrane of the stomach, the tubes by shorter and more cubical cell which are finely granular.

Types of cells

Cells in the pyloric glands include:

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