P38 mitogen-activated protein kinases

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mitogen-activated protein kinase 11
Symbol MAPK11
Alt. Symbols PRKM11
Entrez 5600
HUGO 6873
OMIM 602898
RefSeq NM_002751
UniProt Q15759
Other data
Locus Chr. 22 [1]
mitogen-activated protein kinase 12
Symbol MAPK12
Alt. Symbols SAPK3
Entrez 6300
HUGO 6874
OMIM 602399
RefSeq NM_002969
UniProt P53778
Other data
Locus Chr. 22 q13.3
mitogen-activated protein kinase 13
Symbol MAPK13
Alt. Symbols PRKM13
Entrez 5603
HUGO 6875
OMIM 602899
RefSeq NM_002754
UniProt O15264
Other data
Locus Chr. 6 p21
mitogen-activated protein kinase 14
Symbol MAPK14
Alt. Symbols CSPB1, CSBP1, CSBP2
Entrez 1432
HUGO 6876
OMIM 600289
RefSeq NM_001315
UniProt Q16539
Other data
Locus Chr. 6 p21.3-21.2

P38 mitogen-activated protein kinases are a class of mitogen-activated protein kinases which are responsive to stress stimuli, such as cytokines, ultraviolet irradiation, heat shock, and osmotic shock, and are involved in cell differentiation and apoptosis.

p38 MAP Kinase (MAPK), also called RK or CSBP, is the mammalian orthologue of the yeast HOG kinase which participates in a signalling cascade controlling cellular responses to cytokines and stress.

Four isoforms of p38 MAP kinase, p38α, -β, -gamma (also known as ERK6 or SAPK3) and -δ(also known as SAPK4) have been identified. Similar to the SAPK/JNK pathway, p38 MAP kinase is activated by a variety of cellular stresses including osmotic shock, inflammatory cytokines, lipopolysaccharides (LPS), Ultraviolet light and growth factors.

MKK3 and SEK activate p38 MAP kinase by phosphorylation at Thr180 and Tyr182, Activated p38 MAP kinase has been shown to phosphorylate and activate MAPKAP kinase 2 and to phosphorylate the transcription factors ATF-2, Mac and MEF2.

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